Spring Water Salt

Unrefined – Rich in minerals – Mild taste – Healthy

Spring water salts are among the oldest rock salts on earth and were formed more than 200 million years ago at geological times when environmental influences could not negatively influence the salt.

Due to plate tectonic shifts and climate changes, the primeval ocean dried out and layers of salt were formed. Today, these layers of salt lie deep below the surface of the earth.

Groundwater loosens the salt from these layers. The brine emerges as a source or lake and is collected in a specially created “salt garden”. The source salt can be extracted by evaporation of the water with the help of sun and wind. It is a natural product which is only sieved and dried. It is free of additives of any kind.

Small selection of pictures:

We have the following Spring water salts in our assortment:

Art. No.Spring Water SaltOriginGranulationApplication
311103Peruvian Inca Salt, Pink Salt of MarasPeru1-3 mmK/G
311113Kalahari Desert Salt "Oryx", fine - Premium QualitySouth Africa0-1 mmK
311115Kalahari Desert Salt "Oryx", coarse - Premium QualitySouth Africa2-4 mmK/G
311105Mountain Spring Salt from Andalucia "Sierra Nevada", fineSpain0,2-2 mmK
311108Mountain Spring Salt from Andalucia "Sierra Nevada", coarseSpain2-5 mmK/G
Use of salts:
B = Bath salt
D = Decoration salt
F = Finish salt, Finger salt
K = Kitchen and Cooking salt
M = Grinder salt
P = Skin Peeling salt