Pepper and Spice Blends

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Curry Granulate Manipur

We have the following Pepper and Spice Blends in our assortment:

Art. No.Pepper and Spice BlendsOrganic
316142"Royal Pepper Mix", beautiful blend of seven different peppercorn varieties (also crushed on demand)
316113Four Seasons Highland Pepper, Black Pepper/White Pepper/Freeze Dried Green Pepper/Pink Pepper
316115"Black Blend", Barbecue- und Steak Peppercorn Blend (also crushed on demand)
316120Lemon Pepper whole (White Highland Pepper), yellow peppercorns with intensive Lemon aroma
316119Lemon Pepper crushed (Black Highland Pepper), yellow pepper pieces with intensive Lemon aroma
316114Orange Pepper whole (White Highland Pepper), golden peppercorns with intensive Orange aroma
316116Orange Pepper crushed (Black Highland Pepper), golden pepper pieces with intensive Orange aroma
316200Curry Granulate "Manipur", very aromatic and beautiful spice blend for pepper grinders
316201Curry Royal Madras Gold, hand made premium quality
316203Purple Curry with Hibiscus flowers, hand made premium quality