Smoked Salt

Our smoked salts come from small smoking manufactories, which with years of experience using typical local wood species, produce unparalleled regional products.

These exceptional salts are particularly suitable for all dishes that are supposed to take on the taste of smoked meat and give all dishes a rustic, but at the same time noble smoke aroma.

They give vegan and vegetarian dishes a hearty flavour without resorting to animal products!

The smoked flavour is ideal for stews and potato dishes, egg dishes, soups, sauces or fish and especially recommended with salmon.

Also as barbecue salt they are an enrichment for every barbecue!

We have the following Smoked salts in our assortment:

Art. No.Smoked SaltOriginGranulationApplication
313100Danish Premium Smoked Sea Salt (Sea Salt, Beech)Denmark1-3 mmF/K/G
313120Hickory Smoked Salt (Sea Salt, Hickory)USA1-2,5 mmF/K/G
313118Salish Alderwood Smoked Salt, fine (Sea Salt, Alderwood)USA0,2-1 mmF/K
313114Smoked Pyramid Flakes (Sea Salt, Beech)Germany4-12 mmF/G
313113Smoked Rock Salt Flakes (Rock Salt, Beech)Germany2-5 mmF
313101Danish Style Smoked Salt (Dead Sea Salt, Beech)Germany0,8-2 mmF/K/G
313103Black Forest Smoked Salt (Sea Salt, Fir, Beech, Juniper)Germany0,6-2 mmF/K/G
Use of salts:
B = Bath salt
D = Decoration salt
F = Finish salt, Finger salt
K = Kitchen and Cooking salt
M = Grinder salt
P = Skin Peeling salt