Premium Paprika Powder

Genuine Serbian Paprika

Thanks to a favourable combination of deep, dark, humus-rich soils and a distinctly continental climate, the autonomous Serbian region “Vojvodina” is one of the best pepper growing areas in the world. The farmers of Vojvodina, who mostly belong to the Hungarian minority, still produce their paprika powder in the traditional Hungarian way to this day.

The aromatic, old land sorts of the spice paprika are still cultivated and harvested there in elaborate manual work. After picking, the pods are sorted and slowly dried in the shade to preserve their full aroma. The dried and carefully de-stemmed pods are then slowly ground in four grinding cycles in a traditional stone mill. The heavy millstones develop hardly any heat, so that the entire spectrum of volatile essential oils is preserved. The careful and elaborate processing gives this gourmet paprika an extraordinary intensity of taste.

We have the following Gourmet Paprika in our assortment:

Art. No.Premium Paprika PowderOrganic
315174Red Gourmet Paprika Powder Vojvodina, Serbia - sweet (140-150 Asta)
315178Red Gourmet Paprika Powder Vojvodina, Serbia - hot
315175Smoked Red Gourmet Paprika Powder Vojvodina - sweet (130-140 Asta)
316207Organic Sweet Paprika Powder, Spain (140-150 Asta)
316208Organic Sweet Paprika Powder Smoked, Spain (130-140 Asta)