Spiced Salt

Cypriot pyramid flakes – available in six different variations

This premium salt from Cyprus is certainly one of the most optically spectacular salts and is ideal for visual refinement of fine food.
The sea salt flakes with their pyramid shape set noble accents and inspire with their extraordinary crisp structure.
The culinary and visual effect unfolds in equal measure on antipasti, salads, pasta or meat and fish dishes.
With this fascinating “finger salt” you will amaze your guests. Available in different flavours!

Further Spiced salts:

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Lemon Salt Organic Orange Salt Organic Truffle Salt

We have the following Spiced salts in our assortment:

Art. No.Spiced SaltOriginGranulationApplication
310168Pyramid Flakes "Lemon" (ORGANIC)Germany4-12 mmF/G
310166Pyramid Flakes "Orange" - (ORGANIC)Germany4-12 mmF/G
310169Pyramid Flakes "Chili" (ORGANIC)Germany4-12 mmF/G
310171Pyramid Flakes "Rosemary" (ORGANIC)Germany4-12 mmF/G
310170Pyramid Flakes "Black Lava"Germany4-12 mmD
310174Mexican Chili Salt "Chipotle" (ORGANIC)Germany0,6-2 mmF/K
310176Japanese Matcha Salt (ORGANIC)Germany0,6-2 mmF/K
310177Persian Rose Salt (ORGANIC)Germany0,6-2 mmF/K
310180Piedmontese Truffle Salt (ORGANIC)Germany0,6-2 mmF/K
310178Piedmontese Truffle Salt (with fresh summer truffles)Germany0,6-2 mmF/K
310179Sicilian Lemon Salt (ORGANIC)Germany0,6-2 mmF/K
310181Sicilian Orange Salt (ORGANIC)Germany0,6-2 mmF/K
Use of salts:
B = Bath salt
D = Decoration salt
F = Finish salt, Finger salt
K = Kitchen and Cooking salt
M = Grinder salt
P = Skin Peeling salt