Fleur de Sel

The special taste experience!

The “Salt Flower” of the sea is the noblest and one of the most valuable of all salts, rich in minerals and important trace elements and free of any additives.

The shape of the salt crystals was the inspiration for the name. It forms only under optimal climatic conditions. If there is a salt content of at least 250 grams per litre in the seawater brine of a salt garden, the name-giving flakes form on the water surface under optimal climatic conditions. A lot of sun, low humidity and wind from a certain direction, which must not be too strong but also not too weak, are the prerequisites.

In the course of the day, tiny salt crystals form on the surface of the pools. These are pushed together by the wind and harvested there in the late afternoon with a special device. This work requires a lot of skill and sure instinct, as the layer of salt, which resembles a fine layer of ice, breaks easily and sinks to the bottom of the pool. Even in the very best summers, the harvest of the salt flowers makes up only a small percentage of the total harvest.

Fleur-de-Sel Ernte

The quality of the water plays a special role in the origin of Fleur de Sel. The water should be free of unwanted by-products and contaminants and rich in minerals.

The various Fleur de Sel from KrügerGourmet come exclusively from well-known salt works of large nature reserves. In view of its high content of trace elements and minerals, Fleur de Sel can justifiably be said to be the most nutritious ecological natural salt currently available on the market.

We have the following Fleur de Sel salts in our assortment:

Art. Nr.Fleur de SelOriginGranulationApplication
310150Fleur de Sel de Guerande g.g.A.* (Nature & Progress)France0,5-2 mmF
310152Fleur de Sel - Algarve (Ria Formosa, Nature & Progress)Portugal0,5-2 mmF
310154Fleur de Sel - Costa Dorada (Salinas de la Trinidad, Ecocert)Spain0,5-2 mmF
310158Fleur de Sel - St. Helena Bay (Atlantikküste)South Africa0,5-2 mmF
Use of salts:
B = Bath salt
D = Decoration salt
F = Finish salt, Finger salt
K = Kitchen and Cooking salt
M = Grinder salt
P = Skin Peeling salt
* Protected geographical indication