Chili Varieties

Here you will find our extensive selection of the most interesting Chili’s of the world. From mild to super hot – here every chili friend will find what he is looking for!

We have the following Chili Specialities in our assortment:

Art. No.Special Chili VarietiesOrganic
Strings and Rings
315163Chili strings (Angel?s Hair)
315164Chili rolls
Whole Chili Pods
316153Organic Birdeye Chili, 20-30 mm
315146Birdeye Chili, 20-30 mm
315191Bhut Jolokia Chili (Ghost Chili) whole
315198Carolina Reaper Chili whole
315448Habanero Chili whole
315171Pequin Chili 25-35 mm, 50.000 SHU
315197Trinidad Scorpion Chili whole
315165Chiltepin Chili, small round Chili globules 6-8 mm, wild archetype of all modern Chili varieties, wild collected in the Sonora desert in Mexico, extremely rare speciality, the red globules can be crushed in common pepper grinders, a visual and flavourful highlight, very hot - 80.000 SHU
316158Organic Birdeye Chili crushed 2-5 mm, 100.000 SHU
316147BIO Chipotle Chili 2-5 mm, 10.000 SHU
315152Aji Amarillo Chili 10-15 mm, 25.000 SHU
315185Aleppo Chili 1-3 mm, 10.000 SHU
315166Ancho Chili 3-6 mm, 2.000 SHU
315177Bhut Jolokia (Naga Jolokia) 3-9 mm, 1.000.000 SHU
315186Carolina Reaper (Gringo Killer) 1-2 mm, 1.500.000 SHU
315161Cayenne Chili 1-3 mm, without seed, 10.000 SHU
315188Cayenne Chili 4-6 mm, without seed, 15.000 SHU
315189Cayenne Chili 4-6 mm, with 15% seeds, 10.000 SHU
315147Chipotle Chili 1-3 mm, 15.000 SHU
315167Habanero Chili "Red Savina" 3-6 mm, 200.000 SHU
315173Isot Chili (Urfa Biber) 1-3 mm, 40.000 SHU
315449Jalapeno Chili green 1-3 mm, 15.000 SHU
315451Jalapeno Chili red 1-3 mm, 15.000 SHU
315187Trinidad Scorpion Chili 3-6 mm, 1.250.000 SHU
316454Organic Birdeye Chili, 100.000 SHU
316159Organic Piment d?Espelette 1-2 mm, AOP (protected geographical indication), 2.500 SHU
316148Organic Chipotle Chili, 15.000 SHU
316500Organic Habanero Chili "Red Savina", 200.000 SHU
316452Organic Jalapeno Chili rot, 15.000 SHU
315159Aji Amarillo Chili, 25.000 SHU
315153Ancho Chili, 2.000 SHU
315160Bhut Jolokia Chili (Naga Jolokia Chili), 1.000.000 SHU
315143Carolina Reaper (Gringo Killer), 1.500.000 SHU
315162Cayenne Chili red, 15.000 SHU
315148Chipotle Chili, 15.000 SHU
315154De Arbol Chili, 40.000 SHU
315150Habanero Chili "Red Savina", 200.000 SHU
315450Jalapeno Chili green, 15.000 SHU
315452Jalapeno Chili red, 15.000 SHU
315169Pasilla Chili (Chili negro), 2.000 SHU
315145Trinidad Scorpion Chili, 1.250.000 SHU