Sea Salt

From untreated sea salt from the Mediterranean Sea to the exotic pearl salt from Africa – our assortment includes a great variety of different sea salts from all over the world.

2000 years ago, whole sea salt was extracted in traditional salt gardens, supported by sun and wind, mainly harvested by hand and packed natural.

Natural sea salt is rich in vital minerals and trace elements in a complex mixture.

In the food sector, Wellness/cosmetics and health the trend is clearly towards sea salt. A sustainable trend that will continue to grow in the coming years!

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Namib Saltpearl

We have the following sea salts in our assortment:

Art. Nr.Sea SaltsOriginGranulationApplication
310124Korean Roasted Bamboo Salt "Juk-Yom"Korea0-0,1 mmK
310140"Hiwa Kai" Hawaiian-Style Black Sea SaltUSA1-2 mmD
310137"Alaea" Hawaiian-Style Red Sea SaltUSA1-2 mmD
310143"Bamboo" Hawaiian-Style Green Sea SaltUSA1-2 mmK
310167African Salt Pearls, Premium Grade ANamibia3-7 mmM
310131Guerandesalz (Gros Sel de Guerande g.g.A.*) gesiebt und getrocknetFrance1-4 mmK/M
310127Dead Sea Salt, fineIsrael0,2-0,8 mmB/K
310128Dead Sea Salt, mediumIsrael0,8-2 mmB/K/M
310129Dead Sea Salt, coarseIsrael2-5 mmB/M
310101Mediterranean Sea Salt, fineSpain0-1 mmK
310102Mediterranean Sea Salt, medium fineSpain0,6-2 mmK
310103Mediterranean Sea Salt, medium coarseSpain1-3 mmB/K/M
310104Mediterranean Sea Salt, coarseSpain1-5 mmB/K/M
Use of salts:
B = Bath salt
D = Decoration salt
F = Finish salt, Finger salt
K = Kitchen and Cooking salt
M = Grinder salt
P = Skin Peeling salt
* Protected geographical indication